Q: Do you need technology
help or business help?

A: I need both

We can help.

Advisory Practice

The line between management consulting and IT consulting has blurred for businesses who successfully integrate IT into their core operations.  Our advisory engagements help our customers do just that.

Typical Advisory Engagements

  1. Strategy

    We help align IT strategy with business strategy, inform business strategy with information technology, and anticipate the future for business and IT.

  2. Competitive Analysis

    What are my competitors good at? What am I good at? What am I bad at? What’s my special sauce, and how do I make it more special? We provide insight and perspective from decades of experience.

  3. Mergers & Acquisitions

    What businesses make good M&A targets for me? How do I value those target candidates? How do I make my own business more attractive for merger or acquisition? We work with you to answer those questions, as well as with due diligence and post M&A integrations.

  4. Process Optimization

    We offer an objective, experienced, outside perspective on your operations to help you squeeze every bit of value out of your resources. Also, we’re almost gentle when we ask, “Why are you doing it THAT WAY?”

  5. Governance, Risk & Compliance

    We have best practices, methods, and experience to ensure and measure the alignment of IT with business strategy, manage risks, and comply with regulations.

  6. Security

    We provide assessments and recommendations to dial-in the maximum and appropriate level of security while maintaining minimal friction in business operations.

  7. Digital transformation

    How can digital technology, internet marketing, social media, connected devices, data analytics, and all things nerdy improve your business? We separate the real value from the hype.