Case Studies

Case Studies

lodestone-case-studies-it-consultingBrowse our case studies to see a summary of our client success stories.

Here you will discover how Lodestone helps customers with critical project management, technology innovation, thought leadership, and best practices in not-so-standard projects.

Cloud Based Digital Transformation

Our customer is an innovative and pioneering hardware company with a software component seeking to transform into an innovative software business with a hardware component by leveraging a cloud-based SAAS subscription model.

We can’t take credit for recommending this digital transformation, but we’re proud of the assistance we’ve provided to bring it to fruition.

Lodestone consultants worked closely with our customer and their end clients to build the foundation for this digital transformation.  When they realized that their new model required the ability to offer professional services, Lodestone professional services veterans joined them to build their practice.  Our consultants implemented service management, change management, build and release management and assisted in streamlining their SDLC to become more agile and responsive to their customers’ needs.  Our consultants spent time at our customer’s end client locations, working closely to develop and demonstrate best practices for their business.

Launching a Technology Services and Consulting Startup

Our customer is an information technology services and consulting startup in need of technical and business expertise to stabilize and grow.

Lodestone identified an opportunity to offer services following a model not unlike that of a private equity firm.  We invested our time and reputation, deployed senior resources into high-level management positions on a contract basis, and took an equity stake in the new consultancy.   The success of our engagement was tied to the success of our customer.

Services offered by Lodestone consultants include executive management, business development, and the setup of a PMO.  We assisted in the creation of both onshore and offshore practices.  In addition, Lodestone consultants teamed with the staff of our customer to provide services to its customers, demonstrating and creating the foundation for a successful consulting business.


Accelerating Growth for Technology Staffing

Our customer is a technology staffing startup ready to expand to the next level.

Lodestone consultants took a day-to-day role in the operations of our customer’s business, focusing on deploying tools and creating repeatable processes.  These included artifacts, policies, and procedures for recruiting, onboarding, time and attendance, reporting, placement, foreign-worker processes, and compliance.

As our customer grew tenfold, the mature processes and foundation for growth that Lodestone established enabled Lodestone’s role to diminish in proportion to the growth, demonstrating that the best measure of our success is our customer’s ability to continue the growth we started without our ongoing involvement.

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